• Cold Light Laser
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Manual Therapies
  •  Spray & Stretch
  • Muscle Scraping
  • Massage
  • Direct pressure

Treating Trigger Points

  1. Repetitive motions
  2. Poor posture
  3. Trauma
  4. Vitamin deficiencies

Treatment of trigger points may include the following:

  • Cold light Laser
  • Manual therapies
  • Muscle scraping  Gua Sha
  • Massage
  • Deep pressure

There is little scientific evidence as to what causes trigger points, however, researchers feel they maybe caused by repetitive motion, such as working on a computer keyboard, poor posture or uneven leg length leading to muscle imbalance. Trigger points may also be caused by lack of exercise, trauma and vitamin deficiencies.


Causes of Trigger Points

Trigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle in a muscle when it is overworked or injured. Commonly a cause of most joint pain, they are known to cause headaches, tennis elbow, neck and jaw pain, low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.


What causes trigger points?

How are they treated?

What is a trigger point?

About Trigger Points

Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCN